Larika Mallier


As a designer, I strive for self-awarenss and remain curious about what I don't know I don't know. I see our individual bubbles being rich with unique lived experience, and intentionally bursting them as necessary for growth.


*The image is an AI generated conceptual self-portrait using a combination of Midjourney & Adobe Firefly. Not a fan of AI making me thinner than I am, but now you know!*

Hi, I'm Larika — your friendly neighborhood creative pro. I've been journeying over a decade across design realms between India and the USA. Right now, I'm one in the network of brains behind creative technology and experience design on Gensler's Digital Experience Design (DXD) team in San Francisco. I’ve worked with brands like Adobe, LG Display, IBM, Teck, Deloitte, and more, crafting thoughtful user experiences, purposeful immersive storytelling, and engagement with emerging technologies. I’m also IAAP's CPACC certified because I care about equitable design.
Through the Gensler Research Institute, I participated in a research grant that studied various technology for hybrid meetings, and how the best-in-class might be used to design for equity. Much of that research has been put into practice in our new HQ in San Francisco. The research paper is called 'Equity Through Design: How To Improve Hybrid Meetings' - you can read it here.

I started my career as an architect in Mumbai with Sanjay Puri Architects in between two stints with Kunaal Seolekar’s studioHAUS in Pune where I was part of the founding team. Our work has featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, and Arch Daily. In partnership with The Koy Store, we also donned exhibition stages at India Design ID Delhi, Ambiente Frankfurt, and Maison et Object in Paris.

Along this creative odyssey, I tuned in to my growing interest in the quirks of human behavior, the intricacies of ecosystems, and the complex tech influencing our lives. So, I packed my bags to snag a MDes in Interaction Design from California College of the Arts. At CCA I leveled up my tech, strategy, UX design, and systems-thinking game, while designing for social impact with orgaizations like Caravan Studios and Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project, where I proudly served as a board member.

Post graduation, I was focused on finding a role and team that would enable my multidisciplinary approach to flourish. Thanks to some manifestation, digital elbow grease, and fortunate timing (pandemic notwithstanding) I landed at what feels like an ideal confluence - the DXD team at the world’s largest architecture firm.

Beyond my day-job, I’ve freelanced as a content writer and communications strategist, experimented as an undercover spoken-word poet, and occasionally thrown my thoughts into the digital abyss in varying ways. I also enjoy picnicking in sunny parks, curating the score to my life one playlist at a time, being the playful aunt, and facilitating artful gatherings.


Living in progress.